About Us


 Laguna Mortgage Company, LLC (“Laguna Mortgage”), is the result of some creative problem-solving by founder, John Perloff.


Frustrated by federal regulations that seemed to prevent mortgage lending by anyone not licensed as a “loan originator”, Mr. Perloff set out to find a way for non-institutional lenders to make sensible mortgage loans without running afoul of the law. Already a licensed Florida attorney focusing on real estate and mortgage law, he had an excellent working knowledge of the systems and the governing laws and regulations.

Mr. Perloff completed the process to obtain a Florida mortgage broker/loan originator license, and then got a mortgage brokerage business license for Laguna Mortgage. In 2018, Laguna Mortgage introduced its “Family Loan” program to provide a low-cost avenue for the making of sensible loans, primarily among family members.  That program has now been expanded into the "Related-Party Loan" program.


 At Laguna Mortgage, we are dedicated to the belief that good mortgage loans should not be prevented by the unintended consequences of government regulation. We firmly believe that mortgage loans between related parties are good for the lenders, the borrowers, the economy and the community as a whole; our entire reason for existence is to facilitate the making of such loans.

Because of Mr. Perloff’s experience, for over 30 years, with the real estate closing process, Laguna Mortgage is able to assist in loan originations with a minimum of disruption to the natural flow of your closing. Virtually all of our business referrals come from closing agents and attorneys representing borrowers or lenders.